Himalaya Expo can be seen in Hungary only for four days!

Himalaya Expo can be seen in Hungary only for four days!

The expo, one of the biggest exhibition sensations of the year, arrives from France to Budapest, to Travel exhibition.

The original personal articles and accessories of the last century's expeditions and of the first climbers on the Mount Everest can be seen at the expo showing the life of the Himalayan nations. Besides we can know a lot about the culture, everyday and religious habitats of the people living in the highest mountain of the world, near the 6-8 thousand meter high peaks. On the first day of the expo we welcome the number one leader of the Hungarian Himalaya expeditions, Zsolt Erőss.

Himalaya and the West

One of he peculiarities of the exhibition are the remaining relics from the 1931-32 Citroën exposure. The long-ago venture called Yellow Expedition was a tour from Beirut to Peking with a Citoën overland – a car with the newest technical innovents. Himalaya Expo is not just commemorating the technology, but also animates Mallory’s and Irvine’s first attempt, and the Hillary-Norgay even, the notoriety of New-Zealand, and serpa with its long-time obscurity. The audience can also get an insight of the first female visitor of the Lhasa monastry through pictures and memoires.

Himalaya and the local people

This special display not only builds up from memories, but it will exhibit the articles for personal use, the prayer-wheels and rugs according to the religion, and even a buddhist sanctuary – all displayed on a thousand square meters area. Handycraft displays will make the event more colourful, so the guests can find real treasures. Although the equipments of the exhibition won’t be delivered by stocks, according to our plans, some yaks will appear in the place too. We will reproduce one of the most important tools of the buddhist meditation, the sand-mandala, which is not only an artistic activity but also a cult message for the world.

Himalaya and Hungary

The organizers also would like to present the Hungarian relations to the Himalaya, therefore we invited the first Hungarian conqueror of the Mount Everest, first leader of Hungarian Himalaya expeditions, Zsolt Erőss. You can meet him in person on the first day of the exhibition, or visit his exhibition and have a look at his armature, tent, feather jump-suit, and icepick, while pictures taken by his team will be screened continuously.


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