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Don Quijote Inn

The Don Quijote Medieval Inn & Restaurant awaits you right by the border to Slovenia and Austria, in Lenti not far from the entrance of the famous spa.



- medieval atmosphere
- polite service
- "royal" cooks
- 110 types of dishes
- reasonable prices
- tea-garden

Room equipment:

- air-conditioning
- bathroom
- minibar
- fridge
- microvawe

For more information about room rates / special offers please click on the "inquiry" button above.

Spa, program facilities

An oasis for relaxation

In the Lenti Thermal Bath 5 outdoor, 3 indoor /children’s, swimming, fun and medicinal/ pools and a partially covered hydro-massage pool, as well as an 8-hectare green area. await visitors who wish to relax, recuperate and regenerate.
The largest pool has an area of 1340 m2 with a wild water river, neck-massage, massage benches, and a 74m-long Anaconda fun-slide.


St. George Energypark

Benefical terrestrial radiation in Lenti, Thermal Bath!

St George Energy Park is located at the meeting-points of medicinal energy lines ensuring more efficient relaxation, recreation and cure for the guests due to the joint effect of the medicinal water and the exceptional energy of its area.
Bioenergetic natural therapists have detected that there is medicinal St George radiation in the area of the spa, the star-shaped system of which forms a part of the energy network of the Earth.
Every disease is the consequence of energy deficiency. The radiation in the area of the Energy Park restores this energy deficiency to the right level. It harmonises energy flow in the whole body, making an impact not only on a single organ but the whole organism. Radiation facilitates the operation of the basic functions and triggers autotherapeutical processes that restore physical and mental balance.
It is worth spending 1-2 hours in the St George Energy Park at each occasion. You can combine your stay with a short walk or some exercise. The paved part of the park indicates the direction of the St George lines, while the ’posts’ mark the meeting-points of these lines where terrestrial radiation is the most pronounced. It is worth spending 20-30 minutes at these places.
St George radiation in itself bears a curing effect. An interactive effect with the medicinal water undoubtedly develops. The curative effect of the water is possibly further intensified by the radiation.

We would like our guests to have highly efficient relaxation and convalescence resulting from the dual effect of the medicinal water and this unique energetic place.

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